Hello My name is Kala Wright. I am a mixed-media artist who creates collages (or “Kalages” as I like to call them!). I use color, texture, found objects and observations to create works for the soul. This website features prints from two of my latest collections. The "Tangible Joy" collection is bold, beautiful and full of color, these pieces were primarily created with torn paper and acrylic paint and based on observations from travel, memories and imagination. My intention was that the viewer would experience joy in physical form or "tangible joy". The other collection,. "May You Live Your Life with Ease" combines my love of color with my deep love of ease, joy, rest and play. "May You Live Your Life With Ease" is a line from a meditation called the Meditation of Loving Kindness. I listened to this meditation during the pandemic to keep me focused on what was important. This series is my gift and prayer for all of the hardworking people around me . I am a lifelong student of art. I have a degree in illustration from Pratt Institute, a deep passion for color theory and a drive to see and experience wonderment in all forms. These influences help shape my work. I hope you enjoy!

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